Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Am I going to be bumped up? If not, am I at least improving?

This is a common question many players ask and aspire to achieving.  Others are simply wanting to improve and getting bumped up is a recognition of that.

The USTA does official bump ups at year-end when the new ratings are published, typically late November or early December, and in some areas there are early start ratings that come out in mid/late summer.  Both of these can be a validation that that bump up has been achieved.

But the USTA levels are on half-point boundaries, so you only know when you've crossed one.  If you were a 3.5 with a 3.01 rating at the start of the year and you improve to 3.49 at the end of the year, you are still a 3.5 and the USTA gives you no validation or proof of your improvement.  And simply knowing you improved is often what players are interested in.

Thankfully, my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports will tell you that.  They show match by match how your rating has been affected and give you a chart where you can readily see if you've been improving and at what rate.

For someone that is really hoping to improve but doesn't get bumped up, seeing a report that shows improvement can be reassuring.  Or sometimes it might be a reality check on where your rating really is and expectations can be reset accordingly.  In either case, the game can become more enjoyable and a certain degree of stressing about your rating goes away.

If interested, contact me.