Wednesday, January 2, 2013

College Football Week 18+ Ratings and Rankings - Alabama moves to #1

My computer's ratings and rankings through the Orange Bowl (week 18+) are below and week 18 is on the web-site.

After staying #1 through all the bowl games played through Saturday, Oregon finally succumbed and has fallen behind Alabama for the top spot.  Why is this do you ask if neither team has played?  It is because of how their opponents have done in bowl games.  And more specifically, how Oregon's opponents have done.

Alabama's rating has moved just a fraction from 91.056 after the SEC title game to 91.421, the biggest benefit coming from Georgia winning by more than expected over Nebraska.  But Oregon has seen their rating drop over 2 points from 93.723 to 91.369.  This is due to prior opponents doing poorly in bowl games including Fresno State (43-10 loss), Arizona (closer than expected win), Washington (close loss), USC (ugly loss), and Oregon State (loss when expected to win).

Other movers include FSU and Clemson making a statement for the ACC.

The top-25 is below including games played through the Orange Bowl, full ratings through last Saturday on the site.

1Alabama91.42112-172.458+1, -0.032
2Oregon91.36911-170.861-1, -0.818
3Florida89.79811-176.179+0, +0.582
4Texas A&M88.29710-274.149+0, -0.135
5Georgia88.25112-274.188+2, +1.002
6Kansas St87.70411-173.604-1, -0.363
7Notre Dame87.09112-073.812-1, -0.394
8South Carolina86.66611-274.735+0, +0.310
9Oklahoma84.85310-273.650+0, -0.472
10LSU84.55210-374.276+0, -0.751
11Stanford83.76912-275.493+0, -0.393
12Ohio State83.47412-069.788+0, -0.164
13Florida St83.33312-266.880+5, +2.171
14Utah St82.80111-265.909-1, -0.068
15Oklahoma St82.6318-572.171-1, +0.081
16Oregon St81.9069-474.198-1, -0.547
17Clemson81.87211-270.036+4, +1.658
18Baylor81.4618-576.038-2, -0.400
19Texas80.4299-475.578+0, -0.451
20Wisconsin80.0988-673.067+0, -0.505
21Michigan79.7648-573.620+1, +0.131
22Brigham Young79.4518-569.405+2, +0.214
23Vanderbilt79.4449-470.808+3, +0.565
24Southern Cal78.9887-674.704-7, -2.600
25Northwestern78.68310-370.276+7, +1.200