Monday, May 30, 2016

It is almost June, where are the USTA League players that are getting Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports?

We are nearly a full five months into the 2016 calendar year, and in another five months the last Nationals will be finishing up bringing a close to the 2016 USTA League year.  At this "halfway point", I thought I'd take a look back at where the folks are that have gotten Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports this year.

The "heat map" below shows a green dot for the reports that have been done, the darker/larger the splotch the more reports there have been in that area.

There is fairly good representation from the different sections, states, and areas.  But there are some main metro areas where a lot of tennis is played that are represented very well including Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C. the Carolina's, Philadelphia/New Jersey/New York City, and Tennessee has really stepped up this year with several hot spots.

A few less populated areas show up too including Puerto Rico, Northern Michigan, North Idaho, and Vermont.

If you don't see your state/city highlighted on the map and would like it to be, contact me about getting a report of your own.