Sunday, May 8, 2016

How did the teams do at the USTA League Georgia State 18+ 4.0 Men's Tournament?

I wrote a preview of the 4.0 Men level at the Georgia State 18+ tournament held this weekend, so with it completed it is time to see how my ratings did at predicting the results.

In the first group, the ratings said Malo was the strongest team by several hundredths, and indeed they won the group going 5-0.  In fact, the final standings nearly perfectly mirrored the order I listed with just the middle two teams swapping spots, the ratings having Coon a hundredth ahead of Mundy, but Mundy finishing 3-2 to Coon's 2-3.  However, Coon did go 14-11 on courts while Mundy went 13-12 so perhaps the ratings were wrong!

In the second group, the ratings also picked the winner in Hein, and astoundingly in this case nailed the order for the entire group from #1 to #6.

So who won it all?  Hein did, and the pre-tournament ratings had them with the highest top-8 average of them all so predicted that right too.

Do my ratings always predict playoffs this accurately?  No, certainly not, but they do a remarkably good job at predicting individual and team matches.  Of course, who actually plays and what match-ups the captains get goes a long way to determining who wins a match.  But in this case at least, the ratings were exceptionally accurate.

Stay tuned for more previews, or contact me to get your own.