Sunday, May 8, 2016

Following the USTA League Georgia State 18+ Tournament 4.0 Women

I did a preview of the 4.0 Women at the Georgia State 18+ Tournament so it only makes sense to see how things went with all the matches played except for the final which is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

In Group 1, the upset of the tournament occurred in the first match with Junkins beating Bolin 5-0, and that propelled them to the group win ahead of Bolin who got it back together to finish 4-1.

Group 2 had Putnum pull the upset from the #4 spot winning the close ones with two 3-2 wins including one over the top seed Beavers.  Note that every court went as expected against Beavers though so Putnum had the line-up and match-ups they needed to pull it off.

Group 3 finally had the favorite going in, Alderman, come out on top going 4-0.  But they did have two 3-2 wins over the #2 and #3 seeds in their group, so pretty much as expected.

In Group 4, the favorite, Miller, did go 4-0 and advance on to the semis with three 4-1 wins and one 3-2 win over the second favorite in the group that included two match tie-break wins, so that one was close.  But 3 of the courts went as expected, and each team had a very minor upset in the two matches expected to be the closest.

One semi had Junkins facing Putnum, which going in would favor Junkins, and they did come through winning 4-1.  In fact, with the line-ups used, Junkins was favored to win each court and in fact the one court loss was a retirement.

The other semi had Miller facing Alderman with the match being a near dead-heat using the pre-tournament top-8 averages.  The match was close with Miller winning 3-2 with 3 matches as expected and one for each team an upset win.  However, one win for Alderman was a retirement, perhaps after the win was already determined.

So that leaves Junkins facing Miller in the final tomorrow.  Who is favored?  Based on current top-8 averages, Miller would be the favorite.  But who is really favored depends on who plays and on which courts, and of course who wins will depend on who plays best tomorrow morning.  Good luck ladies!

As always, if anyone is interested in a team or sub-flight report to scout opponents and plan for matches or playoffs, I'm here!