Saturday, June 6, 2015

PNW/Seattle USTA League 40 & over local playoffs are complete, off to Sectionals

I wrote up some previews of the local playoffs that took place in the Seattle area for the 40 & over leagues, so I thought a recap would be in order.

For the 3.0 women, the two highest rated teams met in the final and CAC/SL-Peters pulled the minor upset.  Going in to playoffs their top-8 average was 0.02 lower, but based on the players who played in the match they were supposed to win 3-2 but pulled the upset on one court winning 4-1.  Both teams are off to Sectionals.

The 3.0 men had a top-3 pretty close, and the 3rd team, CP-Graves, pulled off the win getting a minor upset in each of their two matches over AYTC-Welland.

The 3.5 women saw the highest rated team, MI-Ko, make the final against the lowest rated, but no score has been entered yet.  I believe MI-Ko beat EDG-Kainz though.

The 3.5 men had a loaded field with just 0.04 separating the top-5 on top-8 average rating, and the top team, CP-Ho played the 5th team AYTC-Diaz got the 3-2 win all courts going as expected.

The 4.0 women saw the 3rd highest rated team, BELL-Anders, beat the highest rated AYTC-Wilson, 3-2, but based on who played, it could have been 5-0 with AYTC pulling two minor upsets to get it close.

The 4.0 men had the highest average, PL-McGuire, play the 5th highest, BELL-Trott, and win 4-1 with one small upset each way, the other matches as expected.

The 4.5+ women had the top 2 teams meet and the one 0.01 behind, BC-Strieb, beat HBSQ-Ferrin 3-2, every court going as expected.

The 4.5+ men saw the 2nd highest team, EDG-Kelly beat out the 4th highest, CAC/SL-Tinsley 3-2, each team pulling a minor upset.

In all cases, both finalist are headed to Sectionals as there were wildcards.  Good luck in Spokane in August teams!