Thursday, June 4, 2015

USTA League Season is over, time to find out our dynamic NTRP rating

What?  The 2015 season is over?

Ok, the season isn't over, there is still a lot of tennis to be played this year still.  But in some areas, Spring season is over or wrapping up and for some that is the only league they'll play that counts towards their rating, so for the purposes of the dynamic rating, yes, their season is over.

What areas are these?  The Southern section has their main USTA leagues in the Spring and those leagues are complete with local playoffs occurring and State playoffs happening over the next few weeks.  Now some districts in Southern to have early start leagues in the Fall that do count, so those players may still play matches that will affect their rating.

So if you are in the South and are done for the year and want to know where you are likely to finish the year, now is a great time to get an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report.  But even if you aren't done for the year, you can still get a report to see where you stand and how you are doing towards your goal to be bumped up.