Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is USTA League playoff time, Estimated Dynamic NTRP reports are in demand

It is the middle of Spring and in most areas of the country, the USTA Adult 18 and over and 40 and over leagues are in full swing and/or nearing the end of the regular season.  Some sections have even started having their local/district playoffs and preparing for sectionals.

This has generated a renewed interest in my Estimated Dynamic NTRP reports and I've had requests for Captains and Team reports as well as other custom reports.

I worked with one team that was getting ready for the District playoffs and wanted to get an idea of where his team stood (including how many strikes one self-rated player might have) as well as the opponents they were going to face.  With reports in hand, they were able to anticipate the opposition line-ups and get the match-ups they wanted and won Districts and are now off to Sectionals where they are already equipped with the same information.  After Districts they were kind enough to send me this note:

"Your ratings really helped me with lineups for local playoffs. I don’t think we would have won without them."

I've also had other teams with a large number of self-rated players get team reports to get an idea on what if any strikes the players might have.

If you are just interested in what your rating is and if you are on course to get bumped up/down, or if you are on a team headed to playoffs and want a full team report or reports on future opponents, contact me and we'll get you hooked up.  For several sections, I can turn these around pretty quickly but should be able to do them for most any section/district.