Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Week 14 College Football Ratings and Rankings; Oregon #1, Stanford #2, Auburn #3

And the regular season is finished and we have some clarity, so much that we pretty much know where teams are going in the BCS and the final BCS rankings are just a formality.  But what does my computer say?

The top two teams stay the same in Oregon and Stanford, but behind them Auburn's convincing win over South Carolina vaults them nearly 3 ratings points to #3.  While they are closer, at this point my computer would pick Oregon by 6 on a neutral field.

The teams that fell back are Boise State and TCU but behind them, on the strength of Auburn moving up Alabama does too swapping spots with Ohio State.

Just outside the top-10 at #11, Virginia Tech completes their comeback after their slow start.  Had they simply beat James Madison by 5 instead of losing by 5 my computer would have them #6.

So, the likely teams in the BCS bowls are ranked 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 61.  Clearly the 61 is UConn and the Big-East getting a team in the BCS has been endlessly debated, but who are the other teams left out?

Boise State clearly played well enough to deserve a spot and in years when TCU didn't go undefeated would have qualified, but there wasn't room for them, although my computer says based on on the field merit, they should go ahead of the other at-larges.  My computer actually likes Alabama better than Arkansas but again, just run out of spots with Auburn from the SEC already in.  And at #10 is Nebraska, but they too are the odd man out.

Stay tuned for more details on the bowls as the match-ups are set.  Subscribe to the newsletter for in-depth previews of each game.


1Oregon91.35412-069.609+0, +0.109
2Stanford87.00211-172.385+0, +0.008
3Auburn85.44913-069.900+2, +2.262
4TCU84.47512-063.131-1, +0.018
5Boise St84.15211-165.212-1, +0.092
6Alabama82.4199-368.776+1, +0.355
7Ohio State81.94311-165.144-1, -0.134
8Arkansas81.84110-268.730+0, +0.393
9Oklahoma81.20111-271.456+0, +0.130
10Nebraska80.59410-368.627+0, -0.448
11Virginia Tech80.51711-266.743+3, +1.149
12Wisconsin80.13311-164.137-1, -0.125
13Missouri79.80410-269.043+0, -0.076
14Oklahoma St79.17010-267.734+1, -0.154
15South Carolina79.1589-471.174-3, -1.045
16Texas A&M79.0889-370.098+0, -0.113
17Nevada78.52712-163.271+0, +0.452
18LSU77.89310-269.056+1, +0.417
19Arizona St77.3736-672.558+1, +0.341
20Florida St76.9779-469.108-2, -0.731
21Arizona76.3267-571.853+0, -0.495
22Southern Cal76.3158-573.761+2, +0.683
23Michigan St75.96711-164.949-1, -0.178
24Iowa75.4957-566.552-1, -0.166
25Oregon St74.6455-776.530+0, -0.038
26West Virginia74.5959-363.725+0, +0.168
27Notre Dame74.1677-569.679+0, +0.174
28North Carolina St73.9558-466.966+1, +0.079
29California73.8955-773.306-1, +0.013
30Florida73.7387-570.063+0, +0.117