Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 NFL Week 13 Ratings and Rankings; Patriots #1; Packers #2, Steelers #3

For this late in the season, there are a surprising number of changes at the top of this weeks NFL ratings and rankings.

New England and Green Bay remain #1 and #2, but behind them Pittsburgh and Atlanta move up at the expense of the Jets and Ravens.  And the Eagles and Chicago move up ahead of San Diego with the Giants rejoining the top-10.

The Giants have been nearly the most schizophrenic team with their ups and downs, second only to the Raiders. Here is the Giants performance chart.

By comparison, a team like Baltimore has been far more consistent.

This is something to consider when picking games and this does factor in to the confidence of my computer's picks.

1New England88.27010-282.082+0, +1.000
2Green Bay87.3368-481.140+0, +0.258
3Pittsburgh86.6159-382.645+2, +0.614
4Atlanta86.04610-281.002+2, +0.353
5NY Jets85.5839-381.876-2, -1.377
6Baltimore85.3428-481.508-2, -0.811
7Philadelphia84.3958-481.330+1, +0.228
8Chicago83.8509-379.783+2, +0.420
9San Diego82.7336-679.864-2, -1.749
10NY Giants82.6748-479.248+5, +1.138