Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Computer Ratings Blog

As we get close to the start of the 2009 football season, it is time to get my computer ratings primed and going again, and this year I've decided to create this blog to use to publish the ratings and share some insights from the ratings each week.

To start, I'll post the final College and NFL ratings from last year, and for historical purposes may get prior years posted too. Using last years final ratings I'll also provide projections for season ending records for the upcoming year. Of course, since most teams, college and pro, change significantly, these will probably not be that accurate, but it gives a decent basis to start from and you can apply if you think a team has improved or not. The key thing in my projections is that they do take each teams individual schedule into account.

Then each week of the season, I'll post the ratings for the week along with updated projections and predictions for the upcoming week. As I do use the final ratings from last season as the starting point for this season, the first few weeks are a bit iffy on the projections and predictions, but I've found that is a much better starting point than treating each team as equal to start the year. And by mid-season what each team started the season at is pretty much full dampened out. But I'll also give an explanation for why the ratings do what they do.

In the past I've offered a service where I provide some additional details on trends against the spread that folks can use for "entertainment purposes" and I'll get that going again if there is interest.

I welcome comments and feedback so leave comments and I'll read them all.