Monday, March 23, 2015

USTA League Flight Preview Report - 2015 Missouri Valley, Oklahoma, Tulsa, 18+ 3.5 Men

This is the latest in the series of flight/sub-flight previews I have been doing for 2015.  Today, we take a look at the Tulsa Oklahoma 18 & over 3.5 Men.

There is just one sub-flight, and here is how it looks:

Team NameAverage Rating

The flight looks pretty tight with most of the teams with average ratings between 3.22 and 3.30.  It drops off a bit for the last two teams, but both teams have quite a few self-rated players so they could very well be stronger than the average of their players with ratings.

I expect this flight could be a pretty fierce competition unless one team has players that have improved a lot and they separate themselves from the others.

As always, looking at just the average Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating for a team doesn't tell the whole story.  How players improve during the year and who plays in a particular match and the match ups you get based on who plays which court usually are a much bigger factor in who wins, but the average is fun to look at.

If you have a sub-flight you'd like to see this report for, leave a comment here or on Facebook or if you'd like to get the report but not have it shared with the world, contact me and I can generate one for you for just $10.