Sunday, March 29, 2015

USTA League Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating List - Hilton Head, South Carolina

I have just posted a ratings list for players that played in Hilton Head in 2014.  The ratings are what I estimate each player's Dynamic NTRP Rating to be starting the 2015 league year.

As always, if you'd like more detail on how your rating was arrived at, I can generate Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating reports for 2014, or create up to date reports for 2015 showing your rating with details and match by match analysis for all matches played so far.  Contact me with any questions or to request a report.

If you aren't from Hilton Head but are interested in seeing a list for your area, like NTRPRatings on Facebook and leave a comment with the section, district, and area you'd like to see a list for.  I'll select at least one a week in April based on which is most popular and post it.