Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flight Preview Report - 2015 Southern, North Carolina, Metro, 40+ 4.0 Men

This is the latest in the series of flight/sub-flight previews I have been doing for 2015.  Today, we take a look at the North Carolina Metro (Charlotte) 40+ 4.0 Men.

There are two sub-flights in this flight, here is flight A:

Team NameAverage Rating
JGuy (Waddell)3.89
BSteffey (Southampton)3.89
DBowman/Waud (Weddington)3.86
PWilson (Olde Providence)3.74
MMitchell (Sardis)3.73
DZheng (Waddell)3.65
LWard (Firethorne CC)3.65
JNivens (Charlotte Indoor)3.59
BAbeles (JCC)3.56

It looks tight at the top with two teams with average player ratings of 3.89 and another close behind at 3.86.  It drops off a bit after that, but players can improve and have their games decline, so while the top-3 would be the favorites, there is no guarantee they are the ones vying to win the sub-flight.

In flight B there is:

Team NameAverage Rating
KPate (Olde Providence)3.94
DSavage (Raintree)3.92
JGiordano (Blakeney)3.84
MSansotta/Knowles (Weddington)3.75
RTiwari (Blakeney)3.75
TKasler (Matthews Tennis)3.71
ELocke (Raintree)3.65
ERelyea (Waddell)3.64
DWatson (Waddell)3.55

This sub-flight looks slightly stronger at the top with two teams over 3.9, but then looks very similar.  So a top-3 that appears to have an advantage over the rest, but #3 is not quite as close.

Given these sub-flights look so similar, it will be interesting to see if things play out per the ratings and the top-3 duke it out for the sub-flight or if a lower rated team steps up.

As always though, looking at just the average rating for a team doesn't tell the whole picture as there could be improving players, self-rated players that aren't reflected in the average, or who plays a given match and the match-ups on the court can often mean more than who the "higher rated team" is.  But it will be fun to look at later in the year.

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