Sunday, October 6, 2019

First 2019 USTA League National Champions Crowned

The first weekend of Nationals wrapped up with four champions being crowned.

The 3.5 women saw Middle States beat Caribbean 3-2 in one semi-final while Eastern beat Florida 3-2 in the other.  The final saw another 3-2 score, one of the wins in a super tie-break and Middle States came out on top.  FWIW, the simulation had Middle States as one of the four semi-finalists and the 2nd pick overall.

The 3.5 men had Texas beat Southern Cal 3-2 in one semi while Missouri Valley beat Southern 3-2 in the other.  The final here was another 3-2 score with Texas coming out on top.  Here the simulation had Texas as the favorite to make the semis and win it all.

The 5.0 women saw Middle States beat NorCal 2-1 in one semi and Southwest beat Mid-Atlantic 2-1 in the other.  In the final Middle States came out on top vs Southwest also winning 2-1.  Two of the semi-finalists were picks to make the semis, but Middle States did surprise.

The 5.0 men had Southern taking out Southwest 2-1 while Texas beat Mid-Atlantic 2-1.  In the final Texas won it all 2-1 over Southern.  The simulation had three of the semi-finalists picked, and did pick Texas as the overall winner.

So it was a big day for the Middle States women and Texas men!

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