Saturday, December 2, 2017

2017 USTA League Year-End Rating Analysis - 4.0 Bump Up/Down Percentages - Interesting Tennis League Stats

I already wrote about the 2017 year-end bump up/down percentages and also by gender, now it is time start looking at individual levels.

The first I'll take a look at is the 4.0 level.

First, the 4.0 women by section.

There is quite a bit of variation here with more sections having more bumps down than up.  Midwest had the highest percentage of bumps down followed by Southern, Missouri Valley, and Northern California.

And while most sections had more bumps down, a few went the other way and had more bumps up.  Eastern had over 6% bumped up vs less than 5% bumped down.  Northern, Pacific Northwest, and Southern California also had more bumps up than down.

And then the 4.0 men by section.

While the Southern California women were bumped down more than up, the men led the way with over 9% bumped up.  Caribbean, Florida, and Middle States were also all right around 8%.

A few sections had more bumps down than up for the men led by Hawaii but including Pacific Northwest, Southern, and Southwest.

What do you think?  What does this mean for 4.0 play in your section in 2018?

12/4 Note: Corrected discussion under the women's chart, the chart stayed the same