Saturday, December 2, 2017

2017 USTA League Year-End Rating Analysis - Gender and Section Bump Up/Down Percentages - Interesting Tennis League Stats

In the second of my posts on 2017 USTA League year-end rating analysis, I'll split out the bump up/down percentages by gender and section.

As a reminder, I wrote yesterday that the overall percentages were 8.6% up and 4.6% down.

By gender, for the women, 9.1% were bumped up and 4.7% down.  The men found 7.6% up and 4.5% down.

Here then is how each of those breaks out by section.

First, the women.

The sections with the most bumps up were Caribbean and Pacific Northwest with Texas, Southern California, Southwest, and Southern also all over 9%.

And then the men.

Here, Southern California, Caribbean, and Texas were the only sections with more than 9% being bumped up.

More to come!