Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 USTA League Year-End Rating Analysis - 3.0 Bump Up/Down Percentages - Interesting Tennis League Stats

I already wrote about the 2017 year-end bump up/down percentages and also by gender, and started looking at levels with the 4.0 men and women,  and 3.5 men and women, 4.5 men and women, and now the 3.0 men and women.

First, the 3.0 women by section.

At the higher levels we looked at so far, the bumps up were far smaller, even many more bumps down at the 4.5 level.  At 3.0 it is the other way with some sections seeing nearly 20% of their 3.0s bumped up, Southern California, Southwest, and Caribbean leading the way.  And no section had even 5% bumped down.

And then the 3.0 men by section.

The ratio is huge for the men, Southern California having over 40% of 3.0s bumped up!  But Hawaii, Texas, and Southwest all had over 25% as well.

It is natural for there to be more improvement at lower levels, but some of the numbers above would seem to clearly show some players are under rated.  I'll have to look at how many of these are self-rated.

What do you think?  What does this mean for 3.0 play in your section in 2018?