Monday, January 2, 2017

When does your 2017 league start? Get a flight preview report to prepare!

It is only January 2, but it is already time to get ready to start the 2017 40+ USTA League where I play (Seattle) as our first matches are this coming weekend.  And other districts in the Pacific Northwest section have leagues starting right away too, with Northern Oregon starting 18+ and Southwest Washington starting 40+ this coming weekend, and Southern Oregon starting 40+ the following weekend.

Now, there are 2017 leagues that already started, several sections have some leagues start as Early Start Leagues that began play as early as last summer, but the bulk of the country will be playing their 2017 leagues this Winter and Spring.

The start of a league season is always exciting as new teams have formed as players are bumped up or down or new players are available, and every team has high hopes of doing well and at least making local playoffs.  Captains are faced with the challenge of figuring out line-ups and determining when they need to play their best players to get a win, and when the opponent is weaker and they can afford to play others on the roster.

A great tool to help determine who the stronger/weaker teams are in a flight/sub-flight is a flight preview report.  Using my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings, it shows the average rating for each team's roster including the average by level.  This lets you gauge the overall strength and depth of each team.  It also shows the top-8 average for each team which tells you which team is the strongest at the top.  With this report in hand, a captain can know how the competition stacks up and how to plan line-ups.

Here is an example of the top-8 average from last year, a Portland 40+ 4.0 sub-flight where the top team did win the flight and go on to win the section and go to Nationals:


Flight preview reports are very affordable at just $20 per sub-flight and a great value given how much information is provided.

If you'd like to get a flight preview report, or any other report for that matter, contact me at or on Facebook and I'll get you what you need.

Regardless, have a great 2017 season!