Sunday, January 15, 2017

Poll results on what people think about the location/surface changes for 2017 USTA League Nationals

I wrote a blog with some poll questions asking for feedback on what people think about the location and surface changes for 2017 USTA League Nationals.  It has been a week, so let's take a look at the results.

Here is how the votes came in on the change of location.

We see that nearly half the respondents say they like it as it makes good use of the USTA National Campus.  But right around a quarter think it is a mistake and Arizona/California offer better weather, and a few others don't like it as they thought it it was good as is.  Just over 12% think it is good as it reduces the travel for some that have had to make a long trip in the past and 10% don't care, perhaps Nationals isn't a goal or priority for them.

Here is how the changes impact folks desire to go.

Nearly two thirds of folks that voted have not had their desire to go affected, but of those that have been affected, a few more are less likely to want to go than those that are more likely.

Clay is going to be used as a surface at some events, here is what people thought of that.

The response with the most votes was that this makes players less likely to go, likely a result of nearly all USTA League play outside of Florida not using clay.  But nearly as many think it is about time!  Then nearly a quarter don't care, and 15% take the positive approach of enjoying the opportunity.

Last, here is where people would like to see Nationals played in the future.

This is interesting as nearly half said using the National Campus in Florida is good, but over 36% think California should still be a site that is used.  Florida is #2 ahead of Arizona, and Other beats out Alabama which is at just over 5%.  But of the existing sites, the West coast pulls in over 58% while the East coast pulls in just over 36%.

Some of the Others were interesting, they included:

  • Las Vegas
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Bigger cities with more to do
  • Rotating between all sections

It is worth noting when taking these results in that the majority of respondents were from East of the Mississippi.  Given this, there was still strong support for the West coast sites.