Sunday, January 8, 2017

Poll: What do you think of the location/surface changes for 2017 USTA League Nationals?

I wrote last week about some changes for 2017 USTA League Nationals.  Specifically, California will no longer have any host sites, Florida picking them all up, many at the new USTA National Campus, and some divisions/events will play on clay.

I'm interested in what everyone thinks, so here are some poll questions.

What do you think of the majority of the 2017 USTA League Nationals being in Florida/Alabama?

Don't like it, why change a good thing?
It is a mistake, the weather is better in Arizona/California
Don't really care where Nationals are
It is about time, was a long trip for many in the East/South
I like it, good to use the new USTA National Campus

Does the location change cause you to want to go to Nationals more or less?

No change

What do think of the possibility of playing Nationals on clay?

Makes me less likely to go
Don't care
Never played on it, would be fun!
About time, should use it more

Where would you prefer Nationals to be in the future?

Please Specify: