Friday, January 8, 2016

Seattle area 2016 USTA League 18 & over play starts this weekend

It is just the second weekend of 2016 and USTA League play in the 18 & over division starts tonight in the Northwest Washington district (Seattle area) of the Pacific Northwest section.

The start of the year is always exciting as new teams have been formed and many have high aspirations so that first match is a good gauge of where the team stands.  A win gets a team off to a great start, but a loss is not the end of the world.  I can attest to being on a team that lost our first match but still made local playoffs.

A number of local teams have gotten preview reports for their sub-flights to see how all the teams stack up.  These reports now include several things.

First is a table showing the average Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating for the entire roster as well as the average by level should there be players playing up or the flight be a plus flight.  This lets you see how the teams compare top to bottom.

Second is a table showing the average for just the top-8 rated players on the team.  This shows the strength of the theoretical best line-ups if they were to be used, which gives an indication of who might be stronger in important matches when the teams play their best players.

With this information, teams can make better decisions about which matches are important and they need their best players for versus those that have a weaker opponent and some of the lower rated players can play in without jeopardizing a team win.

And last year, one of the flight reports I did locally did predict Harbor Square to win the 18+ 3.5 men locally and they did, and in fact went all the way to Nationals.  So sometimes these flight reports pan out in predicting who will win.

Contact me if interested in any reports.