Monday, January 25, 2016

Important PNW Seattle USTA League Dates

For those that play USTA League in the Seattle area of the Pacific Northwest, here are some of the important dates to be aware of.

As I just wrote about, the 18 & over league started a couple weeks ago and is going full bore already.  The regular season for the weekend flights is scheduled to run from 1/8 to 4/10 while the weekday flights run from 3/21 to 6/3.  Local playoffs for all teams will be 6/9-6/12.

The 40 & over league gets started a bit later, it runs from 2/19 to 5/22 and does not have separate weekend and weekday flight schedules.  Local playoffs for 40+ will be 6/3-6/5.

Sectionals for both 18+ and 40+ in PNW will again be held in Spokane this year.  18+ happens first from 8/12-8/14 and 40+ two weeks later on 8/26-8/28.