Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! It is time for 2016 USTA League Tennis

Happy New Year!  To all those that read this blog regularly, thanks!  And to those that may have just come across it, welcome.

It is now officially 2016, so 2016 leagues can begin.  Wait!  In some areas 2016 leagues began way back in May of 2015 (hello Georgia), so it isn't really the start of the league year.  But in many areas, mine being one, the main 18 & over and/or 40 & over leagues do get started in January and February.

As a reminder, all advancing leagues are part of a specific championship year, but they may start and play their local league matches as part of an early start league in the prior year.  In my area for example, our 18+ Mixed and 55+ leagues are early start leagues, so those regular season and local playoffs for 2016 are already complete.

Even if your league doesn't start for a few months, teams are still forming and preparing now, and captains with their sights on making playoffs are recruiting and seeing if they can get the strongest players at their level.  If you need help recruiting with a targeted list of players/ratings or team reports, let me know.

Happy New Year, and have fun on the courts!