Friday, September 26, 2014

USTA League 18 & over 3.0 and 5.0+ Nationals just two weeks away October 10-12

USTA League Nationals get started just two weeks from today with the 18 & over division 3.0 and 5.0+ levels being played in Tucson and Indian Wells respectively.

The 3.0 women have the full four flights with the normal four teams in three of them and five team in the fourth.  Last year's semifinalists were Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Caribbean, and Southwest but a repeat will not be possible this year with Caribbean and Southwest in the same flight this year.

In the 3.0 men's level, there are four flights of four teams each,  a total of 16 teams with the Hawaii section absent this year.  Last year's semifinalists Caribbean, New England, Southwest, and Hawaii, and with Hawaii absent there won't be a repeat of that this year, although the other three could all make it there.

The women's 5.0+ sees three flights with four teams each or 12 teams total.  Hawaii, Southwest, Northern, Missouri Valley, Florida, and Caribbean missing this year and Texas getting a wildcard to fill the flights out to 12.  The three flight winners will move on and play round-robin it appears for the championship.  Last year there were semifinals with NorCal, Texas, Southwest, and Florida and with two of those missing this year we won't see a repeat of that, but NorCal and Texas could make the final round-robin.

The men's 5.0+ has three flights with five teams each or 15 total and there are actually three wildcards to fill out the flights.  The missing sections are Hawaii, New England, Eastern, Middle States, and Caribbean with Southern, Texas, and SoCal getting the wildcards.  Last year's semifinalist of Texas, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Caribbean won't happen with three teams advancing to round-robin and Caribbean not being there, but the other three could all make the final round.

With two weeks to go, there is still time to do plenty of scouting and Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Team Reports are a great way to do that.  Contact me if interested in getting any or if you have any questions.

Update/Correction: While TennisLink shows just three teams advancing for the men's/women's 5.0+, the detailed schedule for each shows the best second place team from the three flights advancing to have a normal four team semis.