Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Pacific Northwest USTA League Sectionals are upon us

August is the month for playoffs across most every section of the USTA for USTA League play, but since I'm in the PNW section I thought I'd make specific note of the upcoming playoffs here.

The 18 & Over Mixed Doubles Sectionals are taking place in Yakima this weekend (August 8-10).  This league, at least in the Northwest Washington district, has a pretty compressed schedule, so the teams headed to Sectionals have had a rapid series of local league play so should be ready to go.

The following weekend, August 15-17, the 40 & Over Adult Sectionals will be held in Portland.  These leagues have been running most of the year, some perhaps even early start leagues from late 2013.

Last, but not least as it is the largest assembly of teams, the 18 & Over Adult Sectionals will take place in Spokane on August 22-24.  These leagues have been going on for awhile as well so I'm sure the players are rearing to go.

In all cases, winners at each level will qualify for Nationals.  Good luck teams!