Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pacific Northwest USTA League NWW Local Playoffs 1st round results

I wrote yesterday about the men's 3.5 and 5.0+ Northwest Washington local playoffs, specifically looking at a couple teams from my club (Columbia Silver Lake).  Well, the first rounds were played and things played out to form from a team average standpoint unfortunately for my club members.

In the 3.5 match, the went down 4-1.  One singles match was a match tie-break loss in a minor upset, the opponent being rated a few hundredths lower.  The other singles match was also a match tie-break loss also with the opponent being rated a few hundredths lower.

In doubles, there was another match tie-break where my club members pulled the minor upset (a few hundredths lower again).  But the other two doubles weren't close, the opponents having clear ratings advantages and winning comfortably.

In the 5.0+ match, my club members went down 3-0.  In singles, the opponent had a clear ratings advantage and won easily.  In one doubles match, the opponent with a couple hundredth ratings advantage won in two tight sets.  And the other doubles match had the opponents at a slight ratings disadvantage pulling the upset.