Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pacific Northwest USTA League Northwest Washington (Seattle) local playoffs this weekend for the 18 & over division

In the Pacific Northwest section of the USTA, we hold local playoffs in each district to determine which teams advance on to Sectionals.  This weekend, the 18 & over division is holding their local playoffs.

A couple teams from the club I play at made the playoffs so I thought I'd take a look at their chances.

A men's 3.5 team finished second in their sub-flight and they are facing the first place team from the other sub-flight.  Their top-8 average rating is 3.38 and they are facing a team with a top-8 average rating of 3.50.  So by the numbers, my club's team would indeed be the underdog if the top-8 players from each team play.

In the other semi, my club's sub-flight winner has a top-8 average rating of 3.52 and faces the other second place team with a top-8 average rating of 3.50.  This one appears to be a lot closer and will likely come down to match-ups and how everyone plays on the given day.

A men's 5.0+ team finished third in the one flight and gets to play a semi against the second place team, the winner getting the first place team from the regular season.  The 5.0+ flight plays 1 singles and 2 doubles so we'll look at the top-5 averages.

The first place team has a top-5 average of 4.95, the second place team is at 4.90, and the third place team at 4.86.  So the teams finished "in order", but are pretty close and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Good luck teams!