Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pacific Northwest USTA League Early Start Ratings Coming Soon for 2015 leagues!

The 40 & over local playoffs are taking place in Northwest Washington this weekend, and the 18 & over took place last weekend.  Once they are completed all the matches that are factored in to Early Start Ratings will have been played.

And while a couple other districts in the PNW section have their local playoffs in July, it looks like Early Start Ratings for 2015 leagues are scheduled to be published on July 3, 2014, before those playoffs are complete.

What are Early Start Ratings?  In some sections leagues that are part of the 2015 USTA year start in the Fall of 2014 for scheduling reasons.  In our section/district, the 55 & over and 18 & over Mixed leagues are early start leagues.  Since these are 2015 leagues, but the year-end ratings will not be published yet, Early Start Ratings are used to determine the level players must play at in these early start leagues.

As I understand it, early start ratings are basically a player's dynamic rating as of the cut-off date, thus they are a great way to check my ratings accuracy, so look for some stats on that.

But if you either can't wait, or after the list comes out if you want to know why you were/weren't on the early start list as a bump up or down, an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report is the best way to do so.

Good luck to the teams finishing up players tomorrow!

Update: See this updated post with new information.