Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Interesting USTA League Stats - Matches played in 2013

As we begin the 2014 USTA League year, it can be interesting to look back at 2013.  I've written a bunch of posts on other stats, so this is another in that sequence.

In total, I show 637,310 individual matches/courts played in the 18 & over and 40 & over leagues.  This was the first year of the introduction of the 40 & over league and it was very popular with 192,014 individual matches played.

Where were the most matches played?  Digging in to the 18 & over counts, the Southern section leads the way with over 128K individual matches played.  Texas and the Midwest follow both over 50K and then both NorCal and Inter-Mountain are over 30K.

The least?  Hawaii tallied just over 1,200 and the Caribbean just over 3,500.