Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 USTA NTRP ratings are out - Why didn't I get bumped up (or down)?

With the publishing of the 2013 year-end NTRP ratings by the USTA, the inevitable questions begin, the main ones being "Why wasn't I bumped up (or down)?"

The algorithm used to calculate the ratings works off of the scores of your matches and the ratings of the players involved.  Your win/loss record actually isn't taken into account at all.  This can lead to players going undefeated but not getting bumped up, or having poor records and getting bumped up.

If you are baffled by why you weren't bumped up/down, an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report is a great way to find out and understand why your rating is where it is.  And while my ratings aren't perfect, of the 30 or so players I've checked so far today, 29 have been correct.

No matter what section you are from, I can generate a report.  So contact me if you are interested.