Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sale on Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports for USTA League Players

In the spirit of Black Friday sales, I will be offering Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports at half price for one day only on Friday November 29th, 2013.  Contact me to get details or to order a report.

Why get a report?  Especially when the USTA is expected to publish year-end ratings this coming Monday?

First, some of you are wanting to know more specifically what your rating is.  It is nice to know you are a 4.0, but where in that range from 3.51 to 4.00 does your rating fall?  A report will give you an accurate estimate of where exactly your rating is.

Second, and probably more interesting to those who like details, the USTA isn't going to tell you how each match impacted your rating.  My reports will with a summary that tells you your highest and lowest rated matches and ratings, and a chart showing each match and associated match rating and resulting dynamic rating.

Third, my reports don't just give you a number.  I'll offer explanations for why matches are rated the way they are and answer any questions.

Here is a recent report I generated.

Current NTRP: 3.0S
Estimated DNTRP: 3.17
Match Record: 13-2
Sets Won-Lost: 27-7
Games Won-Lost: 179-90
Best Match Result: 3.5 on 10/13/13
Worst Match Result: 2.77 on 9/28/13
Highest Estimated DNTRP: 3.23 on 10/13/13
Lowest Estimated DNTRP: 2.97 on 6/8/13

I estimate your rating to be 3.17, well into the range for a 3.5. That is actually down just a bit from your high of 3.23 and it would even be a bit higher if it weren't for the 9/28 match. That match was a loss, and particularly the second set being 6-1 is what hurt you.

Your rating is pretty high both because you went 13-2 on the season, but also because you did so playing up at 3.5.

You will notice a few matches aren't in the chart. This is because they were played against other self-rated players before they had dynamic ratings. These should be included in the USTA's year-end calculations, and since they were all wins, two comfortable ones, they will likely help your rating a little bit.

But even with all that, I fully expect that you will be bumped up to 3.5 in the year-end ratings. This is particularly true because you did well in your playoff matches which will carry more weight in the year-end calculations. Four of your 5 playoff matches were well over 3.0.

So, in my estimation, you don't need to worry, you will be bumped up! Congratulations.

The example above is an individual report, but the discount applies to team reports too.

So if you want a report at a 50% discount, Friday the 29th is your day.