Friday, October 11, 2013

More Interesting USTA League Stats - Do more women or men play USTA League?

Next in my series of posts on interesting stats from the data I collect for the Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating reports I generate, I took a look at how many men and women play USTA League by section.

Here is the chart:

Perhaps surprisingly, it varies quite a bit from section to section.  Hawaii has the most men at 62% while New England has the most women at 69%.  Northern Cal and the Caribbean have high percentages of men too while the Southern section has a large percentage of women.

Is there an "equal opportunity" section that is 50/50?  It appears not, with the Pacific Northwest being the closest at 49% men and 51% women and Texas next at 48%/52%.

Now, I don't have absolutely every USTA match played in 2013 in my database, but I have a large enough sample (thousands of players in each section) that they are representative.