Monday, October 14, 2013

Another report customer advances to USTA Nationals, this one a Mixed team

I've had the opportunity to help a number of teams make their way to Nationals by providing reports on team members and opponents.  I'm not kidding myself into thinking they get there because of the reports, they still have to go out and win the matches on the courts, but feedback has been consistently positive indicating that the reports helped them with line-ups.

I'm pleased to report that another team I did reports for has qualified for Nationals, this one an 18 & over mixed team.  Yes, that is right, I am now doing reports for mixed (more on that later).

Something that was interesting about looking at mixed was comparing their normal dynamic rating with what their mixed exclusive rating would be.  For many, they were remarkably similar, but there were a few where they were quite different, and it was good to get feedback that where the mixed rating was higher, that player was actually a better mixed player than not.  So I must be doing something right as the ratings seemed to reflect reality.

This team had to navigate 4 matches in Districts, and then a semi and final to win their Sectionals.  They indicated that the reports were "... incredibly helpful in setting lineups and understanding what our chances were."

As you might imagine, I'm now working on reports for their competition at Nationals.

Good luck team!