Saturday, July 13, 2013

We need a better way to follow USTA tournaments and playoffs

My team is fortunate to have made our local playoffs this weekend and have a bye into the semis today.  Our opponent was determined by a match played last night, but short of having driven 45 minutes to watch the match at 5:30 yesterday evening, the only way to find out the result is to check on TennisLink and hope the result gets posted.

And there is the issue.  I have to "hope" it gets posted in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been yet at 8:00 AM the next morning, and this isn't uncommon from my experience with other USTA playoffs and tournaments.

I've suggested before, even contacting league coordinators directly, that there needs to be a better way to communicate results and other status from an event, but to my knowledge, nothing has changed.  In this world of social media, why can't one person at an event be designated to just tweet a few updates so participants and fans can easily follow what is going on and be able to show up to play or see a match at the right time?

If you agree, please let your league or section coordinator know and lets try to get this addressed.