Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Team Report Customer Advances in Playoffs

Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Team Reports are a great way to get a deeper understanding of not only your team's strengths and stats, but also an opponent's when preparing to play them in the playoffs.  I've generated these reports for team captains that are just interested in their own team, but also a number that were headed to playoffs and wanted the details to help them plan line-ups.

I'm pleased to say that another customer of these reports has advanced in the playoffs, winning their District.  They were playing the best 2 out of 3 team matches head to head against the team from the other Area in their District and came out on top 2-1.

After winning the first team match, the team got more players involved and lost the second, but using the reports ran out their best line-up in the third and deciding match and won 4-1.  Here is how the ratings predicted the final match:

  • 1 Singles - A 2.96 beat a 2.73 6-3,6-3
  • 2 Singles - A 2.87 beat a 2.78 5-7,7-6,1-0
  • 1 Doubles - A 2.65/2.90 lost to a 2.75/2.90 5-7,6-3,1-0
  • 2 Doubles - A 2.88/2.81 beat a 2.82/2.61 6-1,4-6,1-0
  • 3 Doubles - A 2.74/2.73 beat a 2.95/2.62 7-5,6-3
My ratings picked the right winner in all the matches but court 3 doubles, and that was one where there was a big disparity on the losing team which can be exploited if the other team can just avoid the stronger player, so not a surprise that is where the "upset" was.

This team is now on to Sectionals.  Good luck!