Thursday, April 25, 2013

What matches are strikes in USTA leagues?

I just had an inquiry from a player that had been DQd for generating 3 strikes.  She actually knew she'd been playing above level and had joined a higher level team already, but she had me use my Estimated Dynamic NTRP ratings to guess which matches her strikes were.

Turns out, I was very close.  I identified a first match that was likely a strike, two others that definitely were, and a fourth that would be the third strike if the first one wasn't.

I was wrong on the first, but right on the next three.  This probably just means that what I'm guessing the threshold is for a strike for her level is wrong (the USTA seems to give a big margin for improvement at lower levels before generating strikes) so I'm pleased my estimated ratings are so close to being accurate.

If you think you might have strikes and want to know, an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Report is a great way to find out.  Contact me if you are interested.