Friday, April 26, 2013

Feedback on Estimated Dynamic NTRP Reports and Lists

It is great to get feedback from report customers and other folks that browse the lists I post.  I thought I'd share a few things that might be of interest to others.

First, I posted a complete list of ratings for players in Northwest Washington through April 1st, but I received questions about why some players weren't listed.  In most cases, it is because the player either hasn't played any matches since November 1, 2012, or because the player is self-rated and hasn't played enough matches yet to generate a dynamic rating.  The trick in this latter case is that if a self-rated player plays against another self-rated player, no match rating is generated and so it doesn't contribute to generating their first dynamic rating.

Second, my Estimated Dynamic NTRP reports are useful in many ways, from giving you a good idea what your current rating is, to seeing how your rating has changed and how each match affected your rating.  But for one individual I did a report for this week, the report pointed out a data entry error that was significantly affecting their rating.

Take a look at the chart below.

That first match looks way out of whack. While every player has good days and bad days, and match-ups against specific players or styles of play are better/worse for a given player, the highs and lows you typically see for a player aren't more than 0.5 apart. But this first match is a good 1.5 points below many of the other match results.

It turns out this first match wasn't played by the player I was generating the report for, his name had gotten entered by mistake. But my report clearly pointed this out and he is now working to get the match entered correctly in TennisLink.

Keep the feedback and questions coming. It is appreciated.