Thursday, June 28, 2012

Early Start Ratings for the Pacific Northwest Section of USTA Due Out Soon

In the Pacific Northwest Section of the USTA, several of the leagues start the 2013 early in the late summer/fall of 2012.  Since these leagues start before the year end ratings come out (typically end of November), the section takes a current snapshot of the Dynamic NTRP to publish an "early start" rating for all players to use in these early start leagues.  This is done so that a player that has played well or poor enough to be moved up or down at the end of the year can play in these leagues at the appropriate level.

My understanding is that unlike the year end ratings that include a benchmark calculation on top of the Dynamic NTRP, these early start ratings are just more or less a snapshot of the current Dynamic NTRP.  Given this, it can be informative, for me at least, to compare the ratings I've put on my site with those that are bumped up or down.  In theory, my ratings should be close.

Now, like I've said before, I'm sure my ratings are not exactly the same as the Dynamic NTRP, they are just an estimate, so I'm sure I won't have a perfect fit.  Additionally, I think the section uses all Adult league matches played through the date the early start ratings are published, including local playoffs, but perhaps not including matches from One Doubles as those will be added in at the end of the year.  Since my ratings currently don't include local playoffs and do include One Doubles matches to date, that also makes my ratings not an exact match for what the section will publish.

That said, I'll be looking for the early start and doing some comparisons.  Stay tuned for some analysis.

Note 7/2/13: See this for info on 2013.