Monday, February 20, 2017

What about by NTRP level? More interesting league stats on bumps for players that go to Nationals

I've written about some general stats and stats by gender for the bump rates of players on teams that go to Nationals, now it is time to break it down by level.

And this is where it starts to get more interesting as players improve at different rates at different levels, in fact you'd expect the lower levels to have more bumps up as there is more room and a better chance players will improve quickly.  As you can see below, that is generally, true, but there are a few surprises.

As before, we'll start with 18+ and look at players on Nationals team rosters.

Here we do see that the level with the most bumps up is the 2.5 level with nearly half of the players on Nationals rosters being bumped up.  But somewhat surprisingly, there is a higher percentage of 3.5s bumped up (43.1%) than 3.0s (38.7%).  After that, it does drop as you might expect, but still 18% of 4.5s and 15.8% of 5.0s get were bumped up.

Here are the same stats for 18+ for those that played in matches at Nationals.

Looking at those that actually played at Nationals we see the ~5% increase across the board, but the 3.0s still have a smaller percentage bumped up than the 3.5s.

Moving on to 40+.  First the rostered players.

Here we don't see a clear trend that lower levels end up having more bumps up with 3.0 thru 4.0 all being right at 33-34%.  There is a drop at the 4.5 level though.  This does make sense in a way as you'd expect the 40+ crowd to be more likely to be at their right level, even at the lower levels, and it is more consistent in the number of players that improve regardless of level.  That is until you get to 4.5 where there are fewer players capable of getting to 5.0.

Then for completeness, the 40+ players that played at Nationals.

We again see the ~5% increase, although perhaps surprisingly the 4.0 level jumps all the way to 40%.

I know, your next request is to see by level and gender.  That is coming!