Sunday, February 19, 2017

More analysis on being bumped if you go to Nationals - Men vs Women - Interesting Tennis League Stats

I wrote yesterday about the bump percentages for players that are on teams that go to and play at Nationals.  I only looked at the high level stats and naturally it can be broken out a variety of different ways.

The first is by gender as you wouldn't necessarily expect men and women to be bumped at the same rates.

Here are the same charts as the previous analysis, but split out by women and men.  First the 18+ on Nationals rosters.

Here we see that the women have a far larger number of players rostered on Nationals teams, but the percentage that are bumped up is quite a bit lower at 28.6% vs the 34.7% for the men.  Either the men are more likely to be improving, or the men in 18+ have more of a tendency to sandbag.

Then those that played at Nationals.

The women still have more players that played at Nationals, but the gap in what percentage  are bumped shrinks a bit as the women go up to 35.4% and the men nearly get to 40%.

Moving on to 40+.

Women's rosters are still bigger, but not the same way they are in 18+.  And here the women are the ones bumped up at the far higher rate, 32.5% while the men are barely over a quarter at 26.1%.  This may be stereotyping, but it appears women in the 40+ crowd are more likely to still be improving while the men are more likely to have plateaued.  Or maybe over 40 women are more likely to be sandbaggers?

And looking at those that played at 40+.

Both bump up percentages go up significantly, the women to 37.6% and the men to almost 30% at 29.7%.

What do you think?  What observations do you have?