Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 USTA League NTRP rating bump percentages by section for the 3.0 level - Interesting tennis league stats

Next up in the analysis of 2016 USTA League year-end bump ups is the 3.0 level.

Here are the 3.0 women bump percentages by section.

At the 3.0 level, there are a lot more bumps up than down, not a big surprise as players improve.  And for the 3.0 women Southern Cal and Southwest lead the way with around 19% of players bumped up, with Caribbean not far behind.  And no section had fewer than 10% bumped up.

Hawaii had virtually no bump downs, and no section had more than 5% bumped down.

Here are the bump percentages for the 3.0 men.

And we have a winner!  Hardly any 3.0 men were bumped down, and over 40% of Southern Cal 3.0 men were bumped up!  And these don't include self-rates, these are just players that were 2015 year-end 3.0Cs and improved this year to 3.5.  Nice weather encourages folks to play and improve, or there were a lot of sandbaggers in 2015 getting C ratings.