Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 USTA League NTRP rating bump percentages by section for the 3.5 level - Interesting tennis league stats

The USTA published year-end ratings last week, and I took a first look at some bump percentages by section, now it is time to start looking at things by NTRP level.  First, the 3.5 level by section.

Here are the bump percentages for the 3.5 women by section.

We see that Southern Cal had the most bumps up, nearly 10% of 2015 year-end C rated 3.5 women being bumped up.  The Pacific Northwest and Texas are close behind with Southwest and Missouri Valley right around 7.5%.  At the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii was at just over 5% bumped up while Mid-Atlantic and Middle States were right around 6%.

No section had more bump downs than up, but Northern was the closest with over 5% of 3.5 women bumped down and on the other end of things, Southern Cal had under 3% bumped down.

And then the bump percentages for the 3.5 men by section.

The 3.5 men also saw the most bumps up in Southern Cal, nearly 14%.  This is a bit surprising given the section didn't even have their team make the semis at Nationals.  Texas finished second at Nationals and had over 12% bumped up, and no section had less than 7% bumped up.

Southern Cal, Florida, and Texas had the fewest bumps down at well under 2%.