Sunday, November 20, 2016

Individual Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports updated with more detailed information

I'm always looking to improve the reports I generate, and I just added some more details to the individual report format.

See the example report for all the details, but here is a summary of what is new.

First, the chart has more details in it more clearly identifying different rounds of playoffs and showing wins and losses in the chart.

In the chart above this player's local playoff matches are annotated with an L, their Sectionals matches with an S, and their Nationals matches an N.  If they had played in a Districts/States/Regionals match, they would have been annotated with a D.  The matches they won are indicated with a 4-pointed star and their losses with a triangle.  These additions allow you to get a more complete view of a season by identifying matches more easily.

Next, the summary stats that are shown now not only show the average match rating in singles vs doubles, but also split it out by level.  So you can clearly see if playing up is helping or hurting your rating, or how your results compare in the 18+/40+ leagues vs 55+ if you play 55+.

These additions will be part of all reports I generate going forward.  Contact me at if you are interested in a report, or if you've gotten one before, I can always do an update for you.

And if you have any suggestions on what to include in any of my reports, let me know.