Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Pacific Northwest Section releases new rules for 2017 Early Start Leagues

I wrote a few weeks ago about early start ratings going away for 2017 leagues and the implications of that, and the PNW section just sent an e-mail out with more details, specifically this link has the new rules.

But here is the summary:

  • When registering for 2017 early start leagues, players will use their current NTRP level (2015 or earlier valid year-end level) as there will not be any early start ratings published.
  • If a player is bumped up at 2016 year-end, they may continue playing at their 2015 NTRP level on the 2017 early start team subject to:
    • Any player with a year-end rating that is greater than the clearly above level (strike threshold) will not be eligible to continue playing at the lower level but matches played will stand.
    • Any players that are bumped up at 2016 year-end will not be eligible to play at Nationals unless they were playing at the 2.5 level and their rating did not meet the clearly above level at 2016 year-end.
    • Each section will determine if players that are bumped up at 2016 year-end will remain eligible to play at the lower level for championships played after year-end ratings are published.

The above is all consistent with what I wrote earlier, the new item being the extra clause for the 2.5 level.  And it appears the PNW has not yet decided what the rule will be for playoffs/championships played after 2016 year-end ratings are published, but will do so prior to sign-ups for early start leagues.

What do you think the rule should be for championships/playoffs?  Should players be ineligible immediately on bump up since they can't go to Nationals anyway?  Or should a team be allowed to go as far as possible with their full roster?

As I wrote earlier, my vote would be to not allow players to continue at their old level as soon as reasonably possible, since that is fairer to other teams and will allow the section to be represented by a team that can field the same/similar team at Nationals as won the section.