Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How many matches do captains play? - Interesting Tennis League Stats

I recently wrote about what court captains play on the most, so I decided to look at how many matches captains play in.

The chart below shows how many captains played various percentages of their teams matches.

The percent range with the largest count is the 60-79%, so a lot of captains play in 2/3 to 3/4 of their team's matches.  Remarkably, there are some that play in none, and some that play in less than 20% of their team's matches.  And there are perhaps a surprising number that play in every team match.

If we look at the counts by range for non-captains we see it is a bit different.

Here the range with the most is 40-59%, so a bit lower.  And there are more than play in none relatively speaking, but fewer that play in all of the matches.

So it is safe to say that captains do play themselves more on average than they play the non-captains on the team.  Captaining comes with benefits! :)  This is probably no surprise, but the charts certainly confirm it.

As a captain, are you likely to play yourself more?  Or if you aren't a captain, does your's play themselves more or less than the rest of their roster?