Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 USTA League bump percentages by level, 5.0 men and women - Interesting tennis league stats

This post continues the thread of analyzing the 2015 USTA League year-end bumps up and down.  I've already looked at bump up/down percentages by section and overall, as well as for the 3.0 men and women3.5 women and men4.0 men and women, and 4.5 women and men.  Now I take a look at the 5.0 men and women.

Here are the men.

It is no surprise there aren't many bump ups, but the number of bump downs is a bit surprising, particularly in Hawaii and New England where about half and one third were bumped down!  And a bunch of other sections had more than 15% of 5.0s bumped down.

Here are the women.

The women are similar, but Caribbean and Northern have nearly every 5.0 bumped down, but there are also very small numbers here with hardly any 5.0s in the first place.

So it seems there is definitely going to be a bunch of strong 4.5s in 2016 with all of the 5.0 bump downs.