Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 USTA League bump percentages by section - Interesting tennis league stats

The 2015 USTA year-end ratings are out and so analysis can begin.

I'll start with looking at bump up/down percentages by section, first overall, then for male and female.

This looks a lot different than last year (2014) when nearly every section had over 12% of players bumped up and a few were over 20%.  This year, Caribbean is the only section with a bump percentage greater than 10%.

Last year also had most every section with significantly more than twice the bumps up than down, this year the ratio is below 2.0 for most sections.

So this looks a lot more like a normal year and there is not any obvious big adjustments made by the USTA.

We can look at the same chart, but just for the men.

We see Caribbean is even more of the outlier here, nearly every section for the men is below 8% bumps up and ratios to bump down around 1.5.

For the women:

The Pacific Northwest has the highest bump up percentage here, but it is barely over 10%.