Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 USTA League Pacific Northwest Sectionals Finalists

It is Sunday morning which means we have finals on tap in Spokane today.  Here is who it looks like will be vying for the trip to Nationals.


  • 2.5 - Northern Oregon will be going to Nationals with IRV-Streich playing SHC-Hennelly (Hennelly won the 2 previous meetings).
  • 3.0 - Eastern/Central Washington's YTC-Tweedy faces Northwest Washington's TCSP-Spinners-Lydon.
  • 3.5 - Eastern Washington's SC-Rudy faces Northern Oregon's THPRD-Roloff/Mark.
  • 4.0 - AYTC-Wilson from Seattle plays STSC-Paratore from Southern Oregon
  • 4.5 - A Northwest Washington showdown between BC-Orndorff and TCSP-Antczak (the teams split their two previous meetings).
  • 5.0+ - Central Washington's TC-Knox faces Southwest Washington's KTAC-DeVries


  • 2.5 - Round Robbin still going, Northwest Washington's MC-Youngblut or Southwest Washington's TLTC Smith will advance.
  • 3.0 - One of Northwest Washington's TCSP-Suzuki or MC-Alley-Gators-Vashist will advance (Suzuki won the first meeting).
  • 3.5 - Another Northwest Washington showdown with HBSQ-Capretto playing BC-Simpson (Simpson won the first meeting).
  • 4.0 - Seattle rules again with AYTC-One Hit Wonders-Hoang facing BTA-Popp (Popp won the first meeting).
  • 4.5 - Northwest Washington's EDG-Le and Central Washington's YTC-Morrison will meet.
  • 5.0+ - RBW-Walsh from Northwest Washington faces MPRC-Homedes from Northern Oregon.

I'll report back later with the winners and what district picked up the most hardware.