Friday, February 7, 2014

Some interesting USTA League NTRP stats from the USTA

In a February newsletter, the USTA had an article on the NTRP system and included a number of statistics.  Given my interest in these stats and my past blogs about them, I found some of them interesting.

Over 240,000 players were issued ratings, nearly 84% stayed at the same level. Of the 16% that moved, 10% went up, 6% went down.

Self-rated players had 60% stay at their self-rate level, 18% went up, 22% went down.

The self-rated stat is interesting with more being bumped down than up. 18% going up is still a large number mind you so there is certainly still a lot of self-raters that under-rate or improve as they play and get bumped up.

And the overall stat is interesting with nearly twice as many players being bumped up than bumped down.  I'd like to see this stat from past years to see if this is a consistent trend or not.